Keendroid believes in keeping the students safe and promotes social and creative learning. The safety of students on campus has become a high priority in many countries. With a shocking number of crimes, arrests, and incidents reported every year, it is hard to ignore the need for a comprehensive system to keep everyone safe.

We believe safety in schools is necessary to support the academic success of each student, giving them the opportunity to learn and achieve in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Redefining Value

Students Safety has been defined as creating safe environment for them, starting from their homes to their schools and back. Not any more, it’s high time for us to dramatically reshape school transportation priorities and needs.




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We need to be accountable and must take a holistic approach to tackle student safety issues. We must realize that the power of vigilance is the key to protecting children. All this requires a proactive collaboration to establish and monitor safety procedures applicable to infrastructure, as well as the physical well-being of students within the school campus to create a safe learning environment.

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We seek to generate a holistic and empathetic understanding of the problems that parents face about tracking of students in campus and school vehicle. We make sure that parents have access to information of their children’s education. It is a smart app that enables parents gain more insight into their children’s school and study behaviors, without having to constantly monitor it.

All-In-One School Management System for Connected Operations

Keendroid help businesses to improve student records, staff management & take business decisions to save cost.

Download KEENDROID app to Track and Manage Student Management System on the Go.




Design Thinking About Sustainability

We always “question everything” our approach helps us to break down societal norms and assumptions to begin devising out-of-the-box ideas.


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We are looking for like-minded partners who want to innovate the school management platform to help businesses.

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Frequently Asked Question

Keendroid is a cloud SaaS platform and built with the customer’s perspective, it is compliant for all fleet businesses and flexible for all requirements. It is a great investment, as it adds more value to your fleet business.
Keendroid is highly intuitive and user-friendly, It is pretty simple to use and highly customer friendly. Still, if you need help, kindly visit our youtube channel to check the videos or get in touch with your nearest reseller for on-site training.
keendroid has a 24 hours customer care number where you could ask for any support or a global reseller network to help you resolve any issues or queries. We are here to help you. Get instant answers to your queries on the keendroid web chat window.
Keendroid is an IoT platform with the newest of technologies to help you ease and bring in efficiency in your fleet operations. We are always here to hear from you to improve and provide feature sets to grow along with your requirements.
Keendroid core values are customer first centric approach and commitments on delivering world-class solutions to customers worldwide. With the help of talented resources and know-how.
Government regulations are constantly changing and keeping your drivers and vehicles road-legal can be a time-consuming headache. Our software helps you to keep working and stop worrying. Keendroid generates the driving information that is used by inspection officers to check drivers are compliant with the driving hour regulations.
Its client only who owns the data, keendroid is highly secured with different standard security layers like https, encryption of data.
Keendroid appoints its reseller partners with proper due diligence in each country or region who could provide world-class support to their customers . In the event of an unfortunate incident of local reseller is not able to provide support, keendroid shall take the necessary actions to move your subscriptions to the nearest other reseller or to handle the account directly in the region. Since keendroid is a Cloud SaaS Platform, customers can continue using the platform from any part of the world. We would request you to write to us if you experience any difficulties with the local service provider to for corrective action.
Yes, based on customer requirements keendroid is open to do integration to any third party system.
Keendroid is built with an open API framework which can expose data in XML/JSON format to talk to any other third party systems. We are open to engaging with you to see the possibilities of an integration specific to your business case.

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